Me & my Art

I do art from a very young age. I shaped my style all the time – adding new techniques, removing all limits, each time I experiment in more free way. I went trough many stages. My drawing style matures with me. x

I specialized in Cuenca, Spain -where I learned to have fun when I draw. 

I believe that when people look at my oil paintings they can perceive the energy and the joy I used to create my fine art.

If you look at my art, you will see that each of the painting has a story to tell. Weather it will be a tender story between two people, or an unforgettable jazz night with friends, or an old city calling for adventure. 

I'm inspired by beauty: in nature, people, cosy cities, music. My philosophy is that the painting should be beautiful and tender. I do not draw sad pictures, no sharp contrasts or edgy shapes.

I define my style as fairy surrealism. Also my style is the profound emotion- a deep feeling as yearning for traveling or memories from my past trips. I add enigma too. I feel and I understand this way the life and I put it on the canvas. 

The fantasy is the state I get inspired. With the fantasy I create the perfect now, the future and the past. 

Looking at my oil paintings you will see in the same time the past, the present, and the future. You will see a touch of the real world but you will feel caressed by the miracle world of fantasies. 

And I believe that people who like my art have kept in their heart a piece of their pure childhood fantasies, that is why they like my fine art.

My eyes are wide open for the miracle called “World”. I see the universe and the life in a positive and colorful way, and I put it this way on the canvas. 

So, why do I need black? I do not get on with the black color in my paintings. I just do not feel it for my painting. I don't use black color on the canvas either for my sketches. I do my sketches with colorful crayon and pastel. This is an emotional decision, not a painting technic for me.

In real life I like black. But in my fine art – my oil painting, graphics and illustration – I use black color very rarely.   

I suppose that's why many of the collectors of my art find my drawings having strong positive charge.

My attitude toward life is uniquely warm, happy and clean relationships with loads of love in all its interpretations. I have around me only pure and happy people. I'm constantly in love and interested in meeting new people. This is necessary for me so I'm able to do my fine art. And my oil paintings reflects all this.

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